With just a pinch of pixie dust and one of our magical teen fairy costumes, your next Halloween party will be a dream come true! This selection of products features all sorts of pixie costumes ranging from frolicking fairies to mischievous imps. Fairies can have a punk vibe or emulate a renaissance look. If your teen girl wants to show off her dark side, mix things up with a dark fairy costumes.

More traditional woodland fairies are tons of fun dress as. Accessorize for your fairy dress with props like pixie wings, colorful wigs, beaded jewelry, and magic wands. Play up the magical aspect of fairies with mystical robes and fairy wands. Add glitter to your makeup and hair for an extra level of detail.

If you would like to get some friends together for a group, wear a different faerie costume for every color of the rainbow. You might also consider creating your own pixie costume from a spritely dress, butterfly wings, and leggings. Whether you need a pixie dress for a Halloween costume party or a renaissance festival, we have plenty of options to fit every style and budget.

Join your next fairytale party in a gorgeous fairy outfit!