Let out your naughty side with one of our teen devil costumes. These costumes for teenaged girls and boys are perfect for a mischievous kid who wants to show their rebellious side. Teen girl devils costumes might feature a flirty skirt in a flashy red while demon costumes for teen boys usually feature a sinister cloak and fake moustache.

Accessorize your devil costume with a horn headband, pitchfork, a red cape, or wings. Add red face paint or makeup to add a bit of devilish illumination to your look. A demon costume is perfect for a Halloween costume party or school event. If you would like to invite your friends to dress up with you, dress up in matching costumes for a group costume. Devil outfits match great with fallen angel costumes or a lawyer suit. Play up the "contract with the devil" routine with a famous athlete, lawyer, or rock star outfit. Carry around a briefcase when you go trick or treating for a prop you can use!

Whether you want a scary devil costume or a fun one, we have plenty of options for every style and budget. Be sure to pick your favorite devil outfit for your next Halloween costume party and burn up the dance floor!