Get goofy at your next Halloween party with a fun clown costume for teens! Clowns are tons of fun and a loveable part of the circus. Your party guests are sure to find you just as lovable in a sassy or traditional clown costume. Clown suits vary from traditional body suits to harlequin jester costumes. Classic clown outfits feature bright colors and elaborate patterns. Renaissance jester outfits feature a simple color palette, usually featuring red, black and white.

Accessorize your clown costume with funny props. Trick items like simple magic tricks, silk flowers, scarves, and seltzer bottles are fun toys that you can use as a conversation piece at parties. Other clown accessorizes include a red clown nose, oversized shoes, and colorful wigs. Some kooky makeup is a great addition to your look. Buy a clown makeup kit face paint to apply fun shapes or bright highlights to your face.

If you want to create a group costume, get your friends to join the circus! Your friends don't have to limit themselves to only dressing up as clowns. Dress as ring masters, lion tamers, or gymnasts to fit with a circus theme. Whether you would like a traditional clown suit or a wacky harlequin teen costume, we have tons of styles to fit every budget.

Buy your favorite teen clown outfit and get some laughs at your next Halloween party.