70's Costumes

The 1970s were a time when hippies chicks transitioned into disco divas and wild childs in go-go boots. Search our teen 70's costumes for the perfect Seventies dress for teen girls or cheesy leisure suit for teen boys. These 70s outfits feature tie dye patterns and wacky colors. For a disco costume, accessorize with a large afro wig, platform boots, headbands, or gold hoop earrings. A boy disco outfit features bell bottom pants, rose colored glasses, afro wigs, and large necklaces.

70's Costumes - Teen Disco Diva Costume

Teen Disco Diva Costume

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70's Costumes - Teen Mod Girl Costume

Teen Mod Girl Costume

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You can further accessorize a 70s teen costume with disco ball jewelry, go go boots, or feathered hair wigs. If you would like to get friends together for a group costume, simply match multiple seventies costumes. Be sure to choose different patterns and colors to add a touch of individuality to your disco costume. Try to keep your hair and makeup in line with 70s fashion. Pull up an online image to use as a reference for your hair and makeup. The right makeup and accessories can add a fantastic level of detail to your 70s costume. Use glitter or gold tones to add some groove to your girls costume. Whether you want a gogo costume or a hippie costume, our seventies Halloween costumes for teens can provide everything in between.

Buy your favorite teen 70s Halloween costume to have a groovy time for Halloween or any costume party in 2014.