Beer Girl Costumes

St. Patrick's Day is an Irish holiday that has been adapted by many different cultures to include drinking socially. Our selection of beer girl costumes are a wonderful option for this Irish drinking holiday. If you are attending a social event with other adults, don an Irish lass costume or Irish dancer dress for a bit of authenticity. Irish dancing is a traditional form that was created in Ireland. Many young women take up this art form in order to learn about history and tradition. The famous show Riverdance popularized this style of dancing which features impressive leg movement and a mostly stationary upper torso. If you really want to make an impression at your holiday party, try to learn a few basic Irish dance steps to fit with your costume.

Beer Girl Costumes - Sexy Fancy Beer Girl Costume

Sexy Fancy Beer Girl Costume

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Our green dresses mimic these traditional Irish costumes and match a St. Patrick's Day theme to a T. Since they are similar to bar maid outfits, these Irish dresses make perfect beer girl costumes for St. Patty's Day parties.

If you are looking for a drinking costume for women, our Irish dance outfits are the perfect fit! Wear your beer girl ensemble to parties, parades, and festivals for a festive look you will love!