St Patrick's Day

Celebrate this Irish holiday in style with our St. Patrick's Day costumes! Protect yourself from pinches this year with cute green accessories, props, dresses and suits. St. Patty's Day garb typically features leprechauns, sexy skirts, and other Irish fashions. St. Patrick's Day is a celebration of Irish traditions, music, and culture that has spread to multiple nations. One favorite holiday tradition is the act of wearing green. It only seems right that all our St. Patrick's Day ensembles feature this color prominently.

Aside from the shamrock, one of the most recognizable mascots of the day is the leprechaun. You can find leprechaun costumes for men, women and babies. A classic leprechaun style features green suits, jackets, spats, and top hats.

Your Irish costume doesn't have to stand on its own. Add some fun accessories to your ensemble for a touch of Irish fun! Buckled shoes, stockings, gloves, and plastic pots can make your leprechaun suit more believable. For a sexy outfit, try additional items like high heels, false eyelashes, and beaded necklaces. Kids can use beads and jewelry too. They'll also love props like wands and funny hats.

Go green this holiday with a St. Patrick's Day costume for adults or kids!