The living dead have recently cropped back up in popular culture thanks to hit shows like The Walking Dead and Quentin Terentino's Grindhouse films. There are many different kinds of zombies: there are ones that want to eat your brains, ones that have risen from the grave, and ones that want to party! Bring some life back to the party with these thoroughly undead zombie costumes. Sexy zombie dresses are a perfect blend of horror and seduction that are sure to be a hit at your next Halloween costume party. Our selection of zombie costumes doesn't just include ordinary undead.

Zombies - Sexy Women's Zombie Nurse Costume

Sexy Women's Zombie Nurse Costume

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We have zombie cheerleaders, police officers, nurses and other interesting twists on these nasty ladies of the grave. If you can't find quite what you are looking for, create your own homemade zombie costume buy purchasing our some of face paint to dress up an old outfit. Tear up an old prom dress or uniform that you don't have use for and apply fake blood to it. With the addition of some gruesome face paint, you'll be the spookiest and sexiest woman at the party. Looking for face paint tips? Apply a pale base of foundation and add deep eye color under your eyes to give yourself an otherworldly look. A touch of fake blood will complete the look. Add great accessories to your zombie dress like wigs, stockings and jewelry. Make sure you buy one of these sexy zombie costumes or you'll regret it to the grave!