Double double, toil and trouble! These sexy witch costumes are sure to put a spell on you and the rest of your Halloween costume party guests. Witches are a classic Halloween costume that can be worn year after year. There are many kinds of witches in popular culture, and it is completely up to you which direction to take your outfit. Some witches are cute and flirty while others are elegant and seductive. You can find a wide variety of either option in this section along with some great magical accessories.

Witch - Sexy Spider Witch Adult Costume

Sexy Spider Witch Adult Costume

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Witch - Womens Sexy Spider Witch Costume

Womens Sexy Spider Witch Costume

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Witch - Kandy Korn Witch Adult Costume

Kandy Korn Witch Adult Costume

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The right props can make a huge impact on the quality of your witch outfit. Add fun accessories like brooms, toy cats, cauldrons and witch hats to your ensemble to make it even better. Hair and makeup can make your witch costume into anything you want. Dark eye shadow can create a dramatic look while light, perky makeup can give your outfit a younger feel. If you plan on attending your costume event as part of a couples costume, add a warlock or wizard costume to your list. You don't have to brew a potion to find the perfect sexy witch costume. Buy one of these sultry magician costumes today!