Our sexy steampunk costumes mix Victorian aesthetics with advanced clockwork technology. The combination of these two worlds creates an all-together new look called steampunk which is typically marked by corsets, leather, top hats, and mechanical gears. This style was made popular by fantasy and sci-fi fans, and draws its inspiration from works like Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Steampunk Fantasy Costume for Women

Steampunk Fantasy Costume for Women

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Find the perfect Victorian gown for your next Halloween party or science fiction convention among our Leviathan sized selection of dresses. This fantasy culture also includes daring airship pilots for the more adventurous Halloween shoppers. You will find pilot uniforms and aviator goggles to go with your ensemble in this section as well. If you want to attend your next party or event with a partner, try looking for another design from the same theme. Men's science fiction costumes also feature mechanical aesthetics and air ship accessories. When planning how to accessorize for your clockwork dress, keep in mind some common imagery from this genre. Many of these fantasy styles include clockwork imagery such as gears, keys, sea creatures, guns, and wings. Pair your sexy steampunk costume with similar clockwork jewelry or a fashionable mini hat to complete your look. Your makeup should follow a Victorian template. Keep your makeup light and natural with bronze tones.

Take to the skies or travel to the depths of the ocean with a literary-inspired Halloween outfit. Take a page out of Jules Verne’s book with one of these fabulously sexy steampunk costumes for your next Halloween or theme party!