Saloon Girls

Tumbleweeds, wagon trails, and general stores are what this section of sexy women's costumes is all about. The American Old West is a rough and tumble kind of place. Let yourself go back to the Wild West when you slip into one of our sexy saloon girl costumes. Our saloon dresses are great for a Wild West or cowboy party theme or to wear for Halloween. These sexy dresses can also be used in a pageant, theatrical production or dance performance set in the Old West.

Womens Sexy High Kick Honey Costume

Womens Sexy High Kick Honey Costume

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Make sure you're quick on the draw to snatch up the best sexy western costumes we have to offer. Saloon gal ensembles typically feature short skirts with petticoats, feathered boas, and a corset top. Sometimes detailed accessories and props can make a huge difference in the quality of your overall look. Toy pistols, boas, and other cowboy props make great additions to a bar maid clothing. Make sure you add can-can style leggings and shoes to your saloon outfit to really steal the show! When applying makeup for a sexy saloon girl character, consider using dramatic eye color and bright blush. For jewelry, wear a choker necklace or cameo broach. Wigs and headpieces can also enhance the quality of your old western regalia.

Want to wear a bar girl design as part of a set? Couples might want to match a saloon gal look with a bartender, cowboy, or sheriff outfit. Lasso one of these western costumes before they gallop away!