20's Costumes

They didn't call them the roarin' twenties for nothing! The 20s was a time for gangsters, showgirls, flappers, and great murder mysteries. It was a glamorous age for glamorous people. Hearken back to the good old days of speakeasies and intrigue with our sexy 20's costumes. We carry costumes for flapper girls, sexy gangsters, and The Great Gatsby style dresses. If you are attending a murder mystery, putting on a performance of The Great Gatsby, or going to a fun costume party, these outfits are exactly what you are looking for.

20's Costumes - Sexy Womens Flapper Costume Red

Sexy Womens Flapper Costume Red

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Flapper costumes are a popular twenties theme outfits that are fun and flirty. Twenties flappers were all about freedom and cutting loose, so you'll feel the same way in these flashy dresses. If you're looking for something a little more intimidating, our women's' gangster costumes are a great fit for the dame who wants to look classy. There are tons of fun costume accessories and prop for 20s costumes. For a flapper dress, accessorize with a cigarette holder and feather boa. Gangster costumes go great with Tommy guns and fedoras. When applying makeup for your sexy costume, consider matching bright eye shadow to the color of your outfit. Jewelry for 20s outfits includes pearl necklaces and broaches. You'll be sure to look like Agatha Christie or Al Capone with a sultry twist! Grab a sexy 20s costume today to blow your friends away with a great gangster outfit.