Pop Stars

Pop stars are tons of fun to dress up as. Whether you are a fan of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, or Rhianna, we have tons of glamorous pop star costumes. Divas like Gaga and Katy Perry have super recognizable styles from music videos and awards shows. Katy Perry's California Gurls cupcake dress and Lady Gaga's futuristic outfits are some of the most impressive designs from modern pop culture.

Capture some of the glitz and glitter this Halloween for your upcoming party when you dress up in one of these rock star costumes. Getting the hair and makeup right for a particular musician’s look can make a big difference. These pop divas change their hairstyles with every concert they play, so be sure to get the details right for a recognizable look. A colorful wig can make the most of your rocker ensemble. Grab a bright blue wig for your Katy Perry style or a blonde wig for a Lady Gaga costume. If you want to add your sexy pop star costume to a couples outfit, try picking out a men's rock star option. Have your partner pick their favorite musician and go as a pop pair.

Pop stars aren't just great for Halloween. Karaoke parties can be tons of fun in a crazy look and are even better when you go with a group. Dance the night away in one of these fun pop star costumes for your next big event!