Avast, all ye salty wenches who be lookin' for a fabulous pirate costume! We carry a large selection of sexy women's costumes to please your sea-faring side. Whether you are looking to captain your own ship or break a few sailors' hearts with a sassy wench costume, we have plenty of options! These sexy scalawag outfits feature short skirts and amazing hats. With this many choices, you can pick a pirate dress that fits your personality and your budget. If you are planning on matching your sexy pirate costume to your significant other, consider a patriot, parrot or another pirate costume. A parrot costume can be a humorous addition to your sultry outfit.

Pirate - Sexy Black Pearl Pirate Costume

Sexy Black Pearl Pirate Costume

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Pirates get all the best toys. Get the most out of your outfit with a treasure-trove of props and accessories. A pirate hat can make a big difference in your overall look. A mini-hat or headpiece makes you look cute and fun while a large, elegant captain's hat demands respect! Try adding a stuffed parrot, jolly roger flag, pistol, sword, or small treasure chest to your ensemble for a touch of fun! Don't forget wigs, leggings and the right pair of boots to complete the look. When planning for hair and makeup, go with gold tones to match your treasure-hungry attitude.

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