Sometimes going to work is a hassle, but other times dressing up for work can be a ton of fun. A working woman is a sexy woman, so get your hands dirty this Halloween with our sexy occupational costumes. Working girl designs include construction workers, carpenters, firefighters, policewomen and other empowered ladies. These designs are a great go-to for Halloween option parties and special events. Sexy styles are tons of fun for adult parties and are a great conversation starter.

Occupational - Upstairs Maid Adult Costume

Upstairs Maid Adult Costume

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Occupational - Women's Sexy CSI Costume

Women's Sexy CSI Costume

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To incorporate your sexy occupation costume into a couples outfit, pick the male equivalent of your theme. If you plan on pairing up with another girl or a group, try picking different occupational outfits to cover a wide range of jobs. The props and accessories you match with your look can make a world of difference. Try equipping yourself with a tool belt full of the tools of your trade like a hammer, saw, fire hose or toy gun. When planning for your hair and makeup, keep in mind the color of your chosen "profession." You might also need to plan around any headgear you might be wearing such as goggles or a hard hat. Instead of wearing jewelry, opt for fun accessories like work gloves or tool belts. Not only do these add to the look of your sexy career uniform, but they can be fun to play with.

Strap on your work suspenders and get ready to party! You work hard for your money, so spend it on a great occupational costume at a fantastic price!