New Arrivals

Sick of the same old women's Halloween designs? See what's new for 2014 with this selection of new and sexy costumes. Other stores carry tired fashions that other people at your party might already be wearing. Pick up something fresh for this year's Halloween or party and impress your friends. The themes for these outfits range from seductive angels to flirty harlequin clowns. If you want to add something new to your wardrobe, browse our list of all new costumes for 2014.

When planning hair and makeup for your sexy style, keep the nature of your character in mind. Sultry and seductive styles need dramatic eye shadow and dark tones while flirty looks are more appropriate with light, natural tones. Accessorize your sexy costume with themed props, wigs, leggings, and jewelry. If you are looking to pair your outfit with a significant other, match the theme to your partner's. A paired ensemble can be an even more unique than a new design by itself.

Show your friends and party guests how fashion forward you can be. Grab these brand new designs today to be the first at your party with one of these sexy 2014 costumes.