Monsters aren't always scary. Sometimes a fuzzy monster can be cute and cuddly! Our sexy monster costumes are perfect for anyone who wants to unleash their wacky side. Our selection of monster outfits include unique monsters in different colors and styles as well as typical creatures like dragons and unicorns. Monster costumes consist of hoods, faux fur legwarmers, and rompers. These items are sold individually, so you can get only what you need or mix and match beast costume pieces.

Monsters - Women's Magic Dragon Sexy Costume

Women's Magic Dragon Sexy Costume

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Our selection of monster outfits are polka dotted, striped, one-eyed and sure to be one of a kind at your next party. Make sure you have all the pieces you need to complete your look. If you don't want to use all matching pieces, shop from other sections of our store for wigs, gloves, stockings, and other accessories. Props like a wooden club or other monster toys can add an extra touch to your outfit. For hair and makeup, go wild!

Most of our monsters are super cute, so keep your makeup light and perky. If you are looking to attend your party with a significant other, consider putting together a couples costume. Match your sexy monster costume with a men's monster outfit.

Choose your favorite monster costume from our selection and snatch it up before another monster makes it disappear!