Want to impress the rest of your "tribe" with a wonderful holiday costume? Get back to the land with a sassy twist with our great selection of sexy Indian costumes. Native American costumes are great for Thanksgiving or Halloween parties. Many of our Indian outfits feature brown dresses with fringe that are both comfortable and cute. These dresses are a popular pick for Halloween, but they also work well as an addition to your Thanksgiving costumes, dance and pageant outfits, and other special occasions.

Indians - Women's Sexy Native American Indian Deluxe Costume

Women's Sexy Native American Indian Deluxe Costume

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Indians - Wolf Warrior Sexy Costume

Wolf Warrior Sexy Costume

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Indians - Sexy White Indian Costume

Sexy White Indian Costume

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If you are planning to wear your Native American outfit as part of a couples costume, consider getting your partner to wear a cowboy costume or pilgrim costume. An Indian brave costume is also a great match for a sexy Indian princess outfit. Make sure you use "all the parts of the buffalo' by accessorizing your sexy Indian outfit with props and costume accessories. Feathered headbands, sandals with fringe, tomahawks, and face paint can go a long way in turning your ensemble into something special. When planning for hair and makeup, incorporate tribal aesthetics like feathers and beads. Try painting an animal symbol or war paint stripes across your cheek for an extra touch. The Native American culture is rich with tradition and wonderful historical figures. Capture a bit of the grace and power of Pocahontas and other Indian women with sexy native costumes! Buy an Indian costume for your next holiday costume party.