Gangsters rule the streets and you can rule the party when you invoke the spirit of The Godfather and the era of speakeasies. Embody all the power and allure of Al Capone and the 1920s with our sexy gangster costumes. These seductive suits are perfect for a mob princess looking to attend her next Halloween or costume party. These women's gangster suits are also a great twist on costumes for a 20s theme party.

Gangsters - Sexy Mafia Mama Adult Costume

Sexy Mafia Mama Adult Costume

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Gangsters - Women's Sexy Flashy Pimp Deluxe Costume

Women's Sexy Flashy Pimp Deluxe Costume

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Gangsters - Sexy Molly Costume for Women

Sexy Molly Costume for Women

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If you are planning on pairing your mobster suit with a couples costume, try choosing another mafia costume or old school police uniform. For a touch of humor, have your significant other wear a horse head mask a la The Godfather. Props for a gang member costume can be a great enhancement as well as a conversation piece. Add a Tommy gun or fedora to your outfit for a fun addition to your ensemble. For a little extra touch, memorize a few memorable quotes from gangster movies to use at well-timed moments throughout your party. When planning makeup and hair for your sexy mobster costume, keep your hair sleek and shiny and create dramatic eyes with a liberal use of eyeliner. Gangster culture has a certain reputation for classy criminals doing nasty things. If that sounds appealing, make sure you take a look at our selection of women's gangster outfits. You're sure to make headlines when you buy one of our gangster costumes!