Do you dream of romantic sand dunes, crocodiles, harem girls and magic carpet rides? If you do, you will be the queen of the Nile with these sexy Egyptian costumes! Our flirty Arabian and Egyptian outfits embody the strength and sultry personality of Cleopatra and Nefertiti. Look like a goddess when you don a regal headpiece and robes. These sexy costumes aren't just for Halloween. These Egypt costumes are perfect for plays, performances, and other special events.

Wear an Arabian costume like a seductive belly dancer outfit or sexy princess to get a feel of the Mediterranean. Our Arabian princess outfits are billowing and flowing, creating a great desert atmosphere that is both classy and sassy! If you're looking for couples costumes, Roman soldier costumes and togas make great companion pieces to these dresses. Sometimes the right props and accessories can make a vast improvement to your exotic costumes. Try adding silk scarves, gold sandals and ornate costume jewelry to your outfit. A straight black wig and gold headpiece are also a great accessories for a Cleopatra costume. When applying your makeup, keep an exotic look to your ensemble by creating dramatic cat-eye lines and using golden tones. Use props like palm fronds and staves to make your Egyptian goddess costume even more impressive! Whichever costume you choose, you are sure to demand the respect of everyone who looks on with these seductive and exotic costumes. Pick up your costume now to be the desert rose of the party!