Dancing is a wonderfully graceful and powerful art. Show off your moves at the next Halloween or costume party when you choose from our selection of dancer costumes. We have as many styles and prices available as there are styles of dance. Whether you are moved by flamenco, ballet, can-can, or 80s music, we have the perfect dance uniforms to fit your style. These sexy dance costumes are more than just costumes; you can easily wear them to a real dance competition or other performance.

If you plan on wearing a dancer outfit as part of a couples costume, get your significant other to wear a matching dancer's costume or as a dance competition judge. Your partner can walk around with scorecards and rate people's dance steps! Props can make a big difference in the quality of your dancer costume. Add accessories like maracas, scarves, and costume jewelry depending on your style of costume. For hair and makeup, take a look at some typical traditional dancers outfits. Ballerinas might wear their hair in a tight bun while a salsa dancer might wear her hair in a loose, low style. To really go the extra mile for your dance outfit, learn a few dance steps from your chosen dancer's costume. Show off your new dance moves at the party you are attending to impress all your friends. Add a new step to the same old song and dance of costume parties when you buy one of our fabulous dancer costumes.