Paint a smile on everyone's face with our sexy clown costumes. You don't have to be the ringmaster of a three ring circus to be the center of attention in our classic clown and harlequin clown costumes. Our classic clown suits are sexy versions of typical circus clothes. They come in bright colors that give you a fun and playful look. Try donning a red clown nose and chunky heels to give your outfit a special touch. Our harlequin jester costumes feature geometric designs in white, black and red.

Clown - Party Clown Costume for Women

Party Clown Costume for Women

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Clown - Marvelous Mime Sexy Costume

Marvelous Mime Sexy Costume

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Clown - Sexy Striped Adult Tutu

Sexy Striped Adult Tutu

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Clown - Women's Sexy  Clown Costume

Women's Sexy Clown Costume

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Clown - Sexy Clownin' Around Clown Costume

Sexy Clownin' Around Clown Costume

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These dresses go great with heavy black and white face paint. Wear a flirty clown dress to a Halloween party or dance performance if you want to walk the line between humorous and hot! Top off your jester costume with great clown props and accessories. We carry a great selection of neon wigs, leggings, shoes, costume jewelry and makeup to create the perfect look for your sexy costume. Exaggerate your eyes and lips with bright lipstick, face paint and eye makeup. Create rosy cheeks with blush or vivid face paint. Traditional clown outfits are best paired with outrageous colorful wigs while harlequin dresses are best paired with simple hairstyles. Bring clown props along with you to a party or event to add a splash of fun. Seltzer bottles, basic magic tricks, balloon animals, and silk flowers can turn your sexy clown ensemble into a masterpiece! Don't clown around, pick out the perfect jester costume now!