Rah Rah! Root for the home team in style with our sexy cheerleader costumes. Cheerleading outfits are a fun and flirty way to show your love of sports at your next Halloween or costume party. Cheerleaders started out on the sidelines of sporting events. Football, basketball and many other sports have their own cheerleaders pushing them on towards victory. Recently, however, cheerleading has become very popular on its own merits for the athleticism shown in cheer competitions.

Show off your poise and power in a sexy cheerleading uniform of your own! If you plan on pairing your cheer outfit to make a couples costume, have your partner wear a sport costume like a football or basketball player. Referee and men's cheerleading costumes also work well with sexy cheer uniforms. Cheerleaders need all kinds of props and accessories to be at peak performance. Accentuate your cheer costume with pom poms, megaphones, legwarmers, and sweatbands. Cute tennis shoes and knee high socks can also look great with a cheer uniform. For makeup, keep your look natural and perky by applying light blush. You might also want to use face paint to write sports mottos or stripes on your cheeks. With the right details, your cheerleader outfit can go to the top of the pyramid! You're sure to make cheer captain when you buy one of our peppy cheerleading uniforms for your next party!