Angels aren't always just sweet and innocent; sometimes they have a little bit of a bad side. Popular culture has taken a liking to these perfect creatures of good and light. They are considered some of the most beautiful creatures that have ever existed. Embody the strength and beauty of some of the world's favorite runway models with a sexy angel costume. Our sultry angel outfits are perfect for pageants, Halloween costumes, and holiday parties. Christmas is a wonderful excuse to break out a heavenly host of sexy women's costumes, including Christmas angels.

These outfits aren't just for the holidays. Wear a pair of angel wings and seductive high heels with any white dress to create a unique sexy costume. If you are planning on going to your costume party with a significant other, consider wearing a couples costume. Dress your partner in a devil costume or as a biblical figure to match your angel outfit. Accessories can make the most out of any ordinary outfit. Adorn your angel dress with wings, gold jewelry, harps, and other fun props. For hair and makeup, keep the heavenly nature of your outfit in mind. Use golden tones while keeping makeup natural and perky with light blush or bronzer. For hairstyles, keep your hair down and top off your look with a halo. If you can't find an angel halo you like on our site, try making your own out of a headband and pipe cleaners. Buy one of these heavenly angel costumes for your next costume party and you'll be sitting on cloud 9!