Halloween is a time for creatures that scream, moan, and go bump in the night. Invite a little horror into your wardrobe with a plus size zombie costume. Zombies are Halloween classics. These living dead monsters have been a part of spooky stories for years. Movies like Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later and Zombieland show just how horrifying a zombie outfit can be.

Mens Plus Size Zombie Costume

Mens Plus Size Zombie Costume

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A plain old zombie is just a walking corpse, but that doesn't mean your plus size undead outfit can't be a little more creative. Create a unique ensemble by dressing your zombie character up in a suit, prom dress, or athletic gear. A zombie bride is way more interesting than an average Joe turned unliving. Try buying a plus size zombie costume and then layering an old outfit over it. Cut up a set of hand-me-down clothing and use shoe polish or acrylic paints to create a ragged look. Fake blood and face paint can also help enhance your zombie ensemble.

Terrorize your neighborhood or the next Halloween party with a zombie costume that is sure to incite some screams!