TV and Movie Womens

Have you always felt you belong on the big screen? Dress up in a blockbuster outfit this Halloween with a plus size TV and movie costume for women. There are as many women's outfit options as there are genres of movies. Whether you love horror, humor, or action, chances are you will be able to find exactly the design you are looking for in our selection of women's styles.

TV and Movie Womens - Elvira Plus Costume

Elvira Plus Costume

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TV and Movie Womens - Plus Size Adult Huntress Costume

Plus Size Adult Huntress Costume

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TV and Movie Womens - Plus Size Women's Minion Costume

Plus Size Women's Minion Costume

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Are you a fan of the classics? Draw inspiration from timeless films like Grease, I Love Lucy, The Wizard of Oz, and Star Wars. These old school favorites are easily recognizable and are sure to be popular at your next Halloween party. New silver screen phenomena are likely to be just as popular. Pick your favorite character costume in plus sizes from the latest superhero or adventure movie.

Actresses do a lot of work to get into character. The right accessories can help you get in touch with your personality as well. Wigs, make-up, hats, and leggings can help you create a more accurate character ensemble. Try matching other details like props and catchphrases to get an authentic feel to your style.

The leading ladies in Hollywood are the embodiment of glamour and you can be too. Dress up as a vivacious villain or a daring hero in a women's plus size movie or TV show costume.