Double double, there's no trouble finding the perfect plus size witches costumes with this great selection. A witch outfit is a classic Halloween option for women that is a great mix between sexy and scary. Wicked witches have shown up in works of literature and film for decades and take the role of good fairy to evil queen. Find your favorite style of mystical lady and then find an outfit to match. Good witches like Glinda and The Blue Fairy might be seen with a magic wand and light colored dresses.

Witches - Sultry Sorceress Plus Costume

Sultry Sorceress Plus Costume

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Evil sorceresses like The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz are often portrayed in black dresses with pointed witch hats and brooms. Of course there are more neutral magicians. A fortune teller outfit or Renaissance sorceress costume can make for an exotic take on a witches outfit. A more modern plus size witch costume might include a Hogwarts student from the Harry Potter books or another show like Once Upon a Time.

White and black magic is usually attributed to different sources which you can represent through your chosen props and accessories. Dress up your witch outfit with items like a broom, striped leggings, face paint, toy animal familiars, and magic wands to create your own style. You can make your witch as scary or sweet as you please!

Your sexy witch costume will put a spell on all who lay eyes on you at your next Halloween party. Make some magic with the perfect plus size witch costume for women.