Skin Suits

Show off your team spirit and exuberance in a plus size skin suit! Skin suit costumes are the perfect fit for sports events and even come in your team's colors! Show off your school pride with a skin suit that matches your team colors. An orange and blue Auburn University plus size suit will look great in the bleachers! Other college teams we carry include University of Florida, Alabama, Michigan, and Texas at Austin. Maybe you are looking for a professional team suit to wear out to the ball game. Our selection of baseball uniform body suits feature teams like the Giants, Cardinals, Phillies, Yankees, and Red Sox.

Skin Suits - Silverback Gorilla Morph Suit Costume for Men

Silverback Gorilla Morph Suit Costume for Men

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Skin Suits - Men's Black Plus Size Skinsuit

Men's Black Plus Size Skinsuit

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Even if you don't have a sporting event to attend, a sports suit can make for a great Halloween costume. Pair a plain colored body suit with fun sports accessories for a more detailed outfit. Pom poms, baseball gloves, and other sporting equipment can add some fun flair to your look. Maybe sports aren't your style. If this is the case, try wearing a suit or other clothing over your skin suit for an eerie ensemble.

Celebrate the big game or cheer with your friend for your favorite sports team with a colorful plus size skin suit costume!