The 1920s were a time for gangsters, flappers, speakeasies and You'll be looking spiffy in a plus size 1920s costume. Listen up baby doll, because these twenties duds are the real McCoy. Men will want to draw inspiration from hard boiled detectives and imposing gangsters for their Halloween outfit. A plus size men's 20s Zoot Suit typically features a pinstripe suit, suspenders, and tie. Everyone in this era of crime and punishment was dressed to kill, and some even went through with it. Al Capone and noir-style private eyes played by their own rules, and a swanky gangster costume will let you copy their style. Accessorize for your ensemble with a toy Tommy gun, fedora hat, or violin case. These props are classic 20s accessories for a crime lord design.

Womans Plus Size Gangster Costume

Womans Plus Size Gangster Costume

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Men might have played by their own rules, but 20s women threw rules out the window and embraced the flapper style. Flapper dresses paired with long gloves and longer strings of pearls will make you look classy and elegant. If you are looking for a little more ferocity from your plus size women's 20s costume, try a female version of a gangster suit. A pencil skirt and suit jacket design gives you a tough look with a bit of feminine appeal.

Live up the glamour of this Gatsby era with a plus size 1920s costume to fit your style and budget.