Everybody was kung-fu fighting! Show off your fist of fury this Halloween in a plus size ninja costume. If you are a fan of old martial arts movies, Japanese animation, or action heroes, a ninja suit might be just the outfit for you. Many ninjas' clothing options feature black skin suits with a hooded mask and ninja tabi. Traditional ninjitsu uniforms feature some basic (and awesome) parts. Ninja tabi are a mix between shoes and socks with a split toe that offered shinobi warriors traction and stealth. The rest of the ninja warrior clothing is fairly simple. A belted shirt and cloth pants can make for a great basic design.

Ninjas were considered to be master assassins. The best part of choosing a ninja costume is that you get to pair it with cool martial arts weapons! Accessorize for your plus size martial arts outfit with fun props and toy weapons like nunchucks, swords, and maces. Pick weapons that a rogue could use to attack quickly like a dagger. Shields and other slow items don't particularly fit with a ninja style. Other accessories like gloves, bracers, or headbands can also add a bit of flair to your plus size martial arts costumes.

show off your sweet kung-fu moves at your next theme party with a killer plus size ninja outfit!