Your friends and Halloween part guest will be standing at attention when you walk in wearing one of our terrific plus size military costumes. We have an option from every branch of the military from army to navy, from sea to sky. Flaunt your national pride in a sexy navy dress for women or a macho camouflage uniform for men. Each branch of the military is responsible for a different part of national defense. The United States military consists of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Each branch also has it's own unique uniform that can make for a rather impressive military costume.

Sexy Aye Aye Amy Plus Costume for Women

Sexy Aye Aye Amy Plus Costume for Women

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Need a little inspiration? Army movies and TV shows like M.A.S.H. and Top Gun are fun sources of inspiration. Try matching your style to those in the movies with accessories like dog tag necklaces, aviator sunglasses, tactical vests, holsters, and boots.

Many women serve proudly in the military alongside men. Ladies might wear the same uniform as their male counterparts in real service, but that doesn't mean a Halloween tribute can't be a bit more feminine. Halloween outfits feature Navy inspired dresses with petticoats and flirty skirts. Many of these Navy dresses feature a cute sailor hat and bows. A pair of high heels fit better with these dress blues than flat shoes, so don't be afraid to flaunt your beautiful body!

The army and other men and women in uniform have a big role to fill. You can pay a little tribute of your own and protect and serve at your next Halloween party with a plus size military costume.