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Some of our most beloved characters come from TV and movies. If you see it on the big screen, you can find it in our selection of plus size TV and movie costumes. Halloween outfits, like movies, come in all sorts of genres. Whether you are a fan of horror, comedy, or action, there is bound to be a movie character costume to fit your style. Halloween is all about getting in a good scare. Watching scary movies is a great holiday tradition that many participate in. Classic Hollywood villains include Ghost Face from Scream, Jason, Freddy, Frankenstein and a slew of other monsters. Werewolves, zombies and vampires show up in tons of different television shows and will make a terrific adult plus size horror costume.

TV and Movie Mens - Smurf Adult Plus Costume

Smurf Adult Plus Costume

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TV and Movie Mens - Deluxe Star-Lord Costume for Men

Deluxe Star-Lord Costume for Men

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You don't have to go classic for Halloween. Follow the latest movie and TV trends to keep up with popular media. Superhero movies and other recent blockbusters offer great designs that will be well recognized at a theme party. Dress up as one of The Avengers, a Star Wars hero, or a classic cartoon character for a movie favorite other guests will adore.

Get your heroes from the silver screen to you closet with our collection of plus size television and movie costumes for adults.