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Avast and have at ye, ye scurvy costume shopper! Our plus size men's pirate costumes are the perfect option for a Halloween or theme party. Pirate garb usually features striped pants, vests, tunics, and pirate boots. Once you get your basic pirate clothes, you can enhance your look with some props fit for a swash buckler. Toy swords, pistols, eye patches, buccaneer hats and bandanas are classic pirate costume staples. You can get an even more detailed ensemble when you add light makeup, wigs, and pirate theme jewelry.

Pirates Mens - Mens Plus Size Blackbeard Costume

Mens Plus Size Blackbeard Costume

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Pirates Mens - Swashbuckler Costume

Swashbuckler Costume

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Looking for inspiration? There are some dashing swordsmen who make great pirate role models. Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow, and Blackbeard are some of the most famous pirates out there and have been put through numerous artists' renderings. Draw costuming ideas from movie and TV character outfits. Pirates sailed the high seas in search of treasure and adventure. Find your own adventure with a pirate uniform fit for the most dashing of men.

Set sail for adventure with all your friends and party guests. You might not know how to sail, but you can at least look the part. Captain your own ship this Halloween with a dapper plus size pirate costume for men.