Travel away to exotic lands without having to leave the comfort of your neighborhood. Our plus size international costumes are a wonderful option for Halloween, cultural events, and parades. Celebrate cultures from all around the world like France, Greece, Germany, Egypt, and Japan. Different countries offer us different classic outfit options that draw from traditional styles.

Japan opens up ninja and kimono styles. Switzerland and Germany offer lederhosen and beer maid outfits. Grecian robes and togas make for great Greek god and goddess designs. There are some iconic props that go along with such international costumes for plus sized adults. A ninja would be nothing without his sword and throwing stars just as an Egyptian queen would look amiss without a staff and headpiece. Other basic items you can use to enhance your look include wigs, leggings, hats, and the right pair of shoes.

Traveling can open your eyes to all kinds of new experiences. A Halloween ensemble is a great opportunity to learn a little bit about new cultures and traditions. A few interesting facts can make for fun conversation starters at your next Halloween party. Bring these exotic countries home with you in a plus size international costume of your choice.