Scaring your friends isn't all there is to Halloween. You will look and feel great in a plus size humorous costume for men or women. Funny outfits cover all sorts of styles and designs. You can get a laugh from traditional looks like clowns, cartoons, and animal or you can use some cute wordplay to make a visual gag. Adult theme designs are always good for a laugh. Drinking themed outfits like our Ultimate Party Animal and Beer Keg mascot costumes will go over great at a grown-up party. Sometimes juxtaposition makes for good humor. Typically manly men can dress as the tooth fairy, a big baby, or beer maid ensemble. Ladies can show off their sense of humor with a plus size clown, baby, or cartoon costume.

Just because your plus size costume aims to get a laugh doesn't mean it can't make you look great too. We carry a few funny outfits that show off your good looks like our Greek togas, Lady Luck dress, and gnome suits. Some sexy accessories can also give your look an air of seduction. False eyelashes and fancy makeup can turn your funny duds from lame to luxurious.

Give your friends a good laugh this Halloween with a humor costume that fits your personality, style, and budget.