Dressing up for Halloween is a blast, but attending a party with a whole group can be even more fun! A plus size group costumes ideas can come from any genre or set of TV show characters. The best part about getting dressed up with friends is that they can make your look more cohesive and recognizable. After all, what would Fred Flintstone be without Wilma? What would Batman be without Robin? There are so many characters that can be matched together to give you and your friends the group costume that will be the center of attention!

When deciding on a group ensemble, poll your friends to see what their interests are. Are your friends funny or do they want to look as glamorous as a movie star? Keep these sorts of questions in mind when choosing a genre everyone will be happy with. Some great movies that lend themselves to group costumes include The Avengers, The Wizard of Oz, and Scooby-Doo. If you would rather wear a more generic set of outfits, look for matching occupational uniforms, animals, or professional athlete gear.

Get your group together for a fun dress-up adventure with plus size costumes that everyone can enjoy.