Friends, Romans, plus size costume shoppers, lend me your ears! Our selection of Greek and Roman costumes for adults are sure to add an exotic spin to your Halloween festivities. Most Greek outfits feature robes, tunics and togas. Roman warrior armor is also a great option for a historic design. Accessories can help enhance the look you are trying to achieve. For a plus size Greek soldier uniform, try accessorizing with toy swords, shields, and helmets. Greek goddesses can be matched with crowns, laurel wreaths, headbands, and gladiator sandals. Dress up your mythical Grecian outfit with the right props and your outfit will climb the heights of Mount Olympia!

The Greek and Roman pantheons were filled with some big personalities. The gods and goddesses got involved in the affairs of mortals in both helpful and harmful ways. Play to your own personality when selecting your Greek god style. Big shots like Eris and Hera were often vengeful and vindictive while heroes like Hercules and Artemis are often portrayed as helpful do-gooders. Get into character at your next Halloween party to have some fun with your plus size costume choice.

Attend your theme party with a Roman or Greek costume fit for the gods at a price us mere mortals can handle.