Halloween is a time for ghosts and ghouls to run amok. It is a scary holiday, so put the fright back into All Hollow's Eve with a gothic vampire costume. These plus size gothic outfits are the perfect fit for someone looking for a good scare. Classic vamps like Dracula, Blade, and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are all great characters to draw inspiration from for a horror costume.

Gothic/Vampire - Sultry Sorceress Plus Costume

Sultry Sorceress Plus Costume

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Gothic/Vampire - Gothic Vampiress Adult Plus Costume

Gothic Vampiress Adult Plus Costume

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A gothic Halloween outfit is both classy and spooky. The traditional plus size vampire costume can be given a bit of extra flair with some simple accessories like Victorian jewelry, fake blood, vampire fangs, and capes. Black and red props are a great match for most sanguine monster designs as most styles come in this color scheme.

Since these sultry gothic gowns are specific to the aesthetics of an era, it won't be hard to repurpose your plus size vampire costume for use at future theme parties. Use your outfit as a demon or devil design by adding wings and horns. A crown or witch hat can turn you into a wicked queen or a witch. The accessories you choose can make or break your look.

Don't let other stores suck your wallet dry this Halloween. Plan the perfect plus size vampire costume with our selection of elegant designs!