Once upon a time there was a magical workshop where plus size fairytale costumes were sold at low prices. Lucky for you, you've stumbled upon that very place! Our storybook character outfits make for the perfect Halloween event. A sexy women's princess dress can feature lovely ladies such as Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood. and the Queen of Hearts

Fairytale - Deluxe Sexy Wicked Queen Adult Plus Costume

Deluxe Sexy Wicked Queen Adult Plus Costume

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Fairytale - Plus Size Dark Mad Hatter Men's Costume

Plus Size Dark Mad Hatter Men's Costume

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People aren't the only things that can be magical in a fairytale. Sometimes magical objects make an appearance in stories. Accessorize your fairytale plus size costume with fun props like magic wands, wigs, crowns, headbands, and high heel shoes. Guys can find items like swords, shields and sashes to improve their look.

You don't always have to side with the good guys in storybook tales. Sometimes evil is seductive, and a naughty outfit can be more fun for Halloween. Dress as villains from classic fairytales like the Big Bad Wolf, the Queen of Hearts, or the Wicked Queen. These sexy women's plus size storybook costumes are sure to cast a spell at your next Halloween party. Men's scary characters can be funny or intimidating depending on your personality.

When you wish upon a star, they say all your dreams come true. Tell us your wish for a fun plus size fairy tale costume and we'll make sure you get the outfit of your dreams.