Many fantasy stories have a magical character who either helps or hinders others along their path. Lucky for you our job is to help you fid your way to the perfect plus size fairy costume. A women's fairy outfit typically features one of several fairy styles. These mystical creatures might draw their power from nature, pixie dust, or a magic wand. A woodland fairy dress typically features a Renaissance style gown, corset and earthy tones. Flowers, boots, and butterfly wings can make for a wonderful nature fairy ensemble. More traditional storybook fairies wear bright colors and are usually either tricksters or do-gooders.

Halloween isn't the only occasion for a ethereal fairy design. Medieval or Renaissance festivals, garden theme parties, and other special events are a great time for a women's fairy costume. Shakespeare includes fairies in some of his better known plays. The Bard mentions the gossamer-winged Titania and Queen Mab. As such, a fairy outfit would be entirely appropriate for a Shakespeare theme.

No matter what special event you have in mind, you will be sure to have a magical evening with one of these wonderful plus size women's fairy costumes.