Have a little grown-up fun at your next Halloween party with our plus size drinking costumes for adults. Enjoying alcoholic beverages with other adults in a social setting is a common way to let loose and have a good time. Drinking has even come to be an important part of some holiday celebrations. What would Oktoberfest or St. Patrick's Day parties look like without an ample supply of good beer?

Drinking - Womens Plus Size Dr. Shots Costume

Womens Plus Size Dr. Shots Costume

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Drinking - Plus Size Bartender Costume For Men

Plus Size Bartender Costume For Men

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The plus size costumes available to celebrate drinking holidays and adult parties range from traditional to humorous. A sexy beer maiden outfit is a classic look for women. Hitch up your lederhosen and serve a round of drinks in a cute Swiss maid dress. These Bavarian beauty styles are often best reserved for drinking festivals. More modern looks like our women's Dr. Shots ensemble tend to lean towards the funny side of drinking. Use your favorite handle of alcohol as a prop and you're sure to be one of the most popular guests at your next Halloween party. Other accessories like stockings and wigs can create a fun look by adding some flair to your alcohol themed outfit.

Show off your fun side with a drinking costume that fits your style, budget and personality. Call a toast for these classy beer theme outfits for adults.