The 1970s were a crazy time full of tons of funky fads and music. A plus size disco costume is the perfect fit for a decade theme party or Halloween event. These groovy outfits feature outta sight and feature geometric patterns and bright colors associated with 70s fashion. Women's seventies styles include bell bottom pants and short dresses paired with go go boots. Men of the era wore leisure suits and bright disco shirts.

Disco - Women's Plus Disco Diva Costume

Women's Plus Disco Diva Costume

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Disco - Disco Fever Adult Plus Costume

Disco Fever Adult Plus Costume

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Disco - Women's Plus DiscoLicious  Costume

Women's Plus DiscoLicious Costume

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There are plenty of 70s movies to draw inspiration from for your plus size disco outfit. Saturday Night Fever and Xanadu show off the cool disco music and dance moves that made the 70s so groovy. Movie characters can also give you great ideas on what to do with your hair. Disco hairstyles often featured poofy afros and feathered flips. You can get the same looks with a little bit of hairspray and patience. If you want a look that is over the top, try adding a disco afro wig to your ensemble.

Whether you have a themed decade party to attend or simply want to tear up the dance floor at your next Halloween event, a disco costume is just what you need! Bring back the styles of your favorite decade with a sweet 70s outfit.