It should be a crime to look this good! Our plus size convict costumes are tons of fun for Halloween. For as long as there have been enterprising men and women, there have been those willing to play by their own rules. Our selection of convicts outfits range from 20s gangsters to modern day thugs. A prisoner outfit can be a funny design or a serious one depending on your chosen accessories. A ball and chain, handcuffs, toy weapons and face paint can create a fun style. These props also work as fun conversation starters at a party.

Plus size men's criminal costumes are a classy options for Halloween. Many of these outfits feature gangster suits, prisoner jumpsuits, and fun props. Accessorize your men's outfit with spats, fake cigars, bags of toy money, guns, violin cases, and fake dynamite. Al Capone and other crime lords are great characters to draw inspiration from. 1920s criminals were smooth operators. You'll look just as suave with a pinstripe fedora or pocket square added to your ensemble.

When you wear one of these convict costumes, your friends won't believe that bad could look so good. Don't commit the crime of passing up the item you have your eyes on. Pick up your favorite prisoner garb and celebrate your Halloween in style.