The circus holds a lot of fond memories for many people. Have a bit of fun this Halloween with a plus sized clown costume for women or men. Clowns offer humor and comedic relief during dramatic circus performances. At carnivals they perform magic tricks and put a smile on children's faces. Put a smile on your own face for your next special event with an adorable clown suit.

Mens Plus Size Clown Costume

Mens Plus Size Clown Costume

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Many clown outfits can be unisex jumpsuits fit for men and women, but some are a bit more specific. A more feminine clown outfit might feature a dress or skirt, bloomers, and sweet leggings. Men's clown costumes typically feature a wildly patterned suit jacket, vest, and pants. A bowtie and colorful wig are also good markers of a more masculine style. There are a few accessories that lady and gentlemen clowns can both enjoy. A rubber clown nose, silk flowers, afro wig, and white gloves can add a wonderful level of detail to your plus size clown costumes.

Have some fun with your clown suit by getting in to character. Learn a few basic magic tricks and take on a clown persona like Giggles or Mr. Patches. Acting the part of a clown will really help your circus costume come together. Even if you are just your loveable old self, you can show off your funny personality with a colorful clown suit!