You don't have to wear the latest fashion to have the greatest! Our plus size classic costumes feature designs that have become timeless Halloween options. Wear any of these Halloween classics for an instantly recognizable outfit your friends will love. Many different genres have become popular over the years. From horror to humor, you can find just the ensemble you are looking for. Scary plus size outfits include skeletons, zombies, and monsters. Add a long velvet cape to your outfit for a spooky, gothic feel. Capes and robes can be a great way to create a classic vampire or witch outfit. Women's outfits feature popular designs like Renaissance gowns, princesses, superheroes, and devils.

Just because these classic costumes are timeless doesn't mean they don't come from a certain era. Decade outfits are some of the most accessible styles. Choose from 20s flappers, 50s poodle skirts, barbarian cavemen, and Roman warriors. Once you've figured out the time, move on to the place. An international design can make for a superb Halloween choice. Don the kimono of a Japanese geisha, fight mythical beasts as a Greek hero, or cross oceans in Viking garb.

No matter what style you wear, this selection of classic plus size costumes is sure to offer some great options for your next Halloween party.