Go back in time to an age before technology and modern troubles. Our selection of plus size caveman costumes feature animal print outfits that are perfect for a historic Halloween to remember. There are cartoon characters from the stone age like Fred and Wilma Flintstone, but there are also some more classic designs. A generic caveman or cavewoman outfit will give you a savage and fierce look.

Cavemen/Cavewomen - Cave Beauty Adult Plus Costume

Cave Beauty Adult Plus Costume

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Cavemen/Cavewomen - Cro Magnon Adult Plus Size Costume

Cro Magnon Adult Plus Size Costume

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Ladies, you will look great in a sexy cave girl outfit. You will get some hearts beating faster with a jagged faux fur dress that will make you look like a barbarian queen. Men's barbarian costumes also feature fun animal print and brown leather clothing for a rugged look. Both men and women can accessorize for their prehistoric ensembles with toy weapons like clubs, spears, and bow and arrow sets. Sandals, caveman wigs, fake beards, animal tooth necklaces, and skull theme accessories can also give you a more exotic feel to your caveman costume.

Your cavewoman or caveman outfit will go down in history as one of the coolest plus size Halloween costumes your friends have ever seen. Unleash your inner warrior with a savagely superior caveman design at a price that can't be beat!