Cartoon Characters

Who says you have to act your age? Get goofy this Halloween with a plus size cartoon character costume. Adult cartoon outfits feature old classics and trendy new shows. Whether you are a fan of old cartoons like Scooby-Doo and Fred Flintstone or you prefer new characters like Shrek and Sponge Bob, you are sure to get a few laughs with this selection of funny styles. Act like a kid again and show off your favorite characters in a fun cartoon design.

Cartoon Characters - Mens Plus Size Papa Gnome Costume

Mens Plus Size Papa Gnome Costume

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Cartoon Characters - The Simpsons Homer Pie-Man Superhero Men's Costume

The Simpsons Homer Pie-Man Superhero Men's Costume

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Cartoons have some of the most fun with their props. Items that would be ridiculous in our world are perfectly acceptable for a cartoon character. Try adding props like giant cartoon gloves, oversize weapons, colorful wigs, and masks to your TV character outfit. Props create a fun talking point at parties and add some flair to your TV or movie ensemble. Try dressing up with a friend to get everyone in on the fun.

Embrace your inner child with all your favorite childhood characters. Popeye, The Flintstones and Scooby-Doo are all available for your next Halloween party. These cartoon classics are sure to be recognized by your friends and party guests and get a good laugh.

Get silly and look super in a plus size cartoon costume that fits your style and budget!