All your friends will be aflutter at how lovely you look in a plus sized butterfly, bee, or bug costume for women. Ladybugs can make for a great wardrobe choice at a Halloween or garden party. Your insect duds will have you dancing the jitter bug in an ensemble made up of wings, antennae headbands, and a cute dress. If you are planning a garden theme party, you are probably busy as a bee with decorations and other set-up. Honey flavored treats like honeycomb cereal, sweet buns, and cakes to evoke a buzzing bee theme.

Plus Size Bumble Bee Unisex Costume

Plus Size Bumble Bee Unisex Costume

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Other nature inspired decor will also look great at a spring fling. Flower and mushroom decorations make for a great addition to any butterfly or bumble bee costume you might wear.

A cute bug has six arms, that means you can have at least six cute accessories! Accessorize for a plus size women's bumble bee costume or other flitting outfit with antenna headbands, leggings, and glittery wings. The great thing about an ensemble with lots of props is that you can reuse pieces to spruce up other outfits. Have the perfect dress in your closet? Create an entirely new look after you've used your Halloween costume once to create a brand new ensemble.