Hallelujah! If you're looking for a heavenly plus size angel costume, you'll be on cloud nine with these sexy designs. Our white dresses are pure as the driven snow and will have you looking cute and flirty. Some key features of an angel outfit include a white gown, halo headband, feathered wings, and magic wands. You can create your own unique look with additional props like sandals, high heels, wigs, and glitter make-up.

Womens Plus Size Heavenly Angel Costume

Womens Plus Size Heavenly Angel Costume

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Angels have a special place in mythology and modern stories. These feathered creatures are the bearers of good news and deliverers of swift vengeance. Traditional angels were just as likely to rain down holy brimstone as they were to bring a blessing. In modern popular culture, angels can be seen wearing robes and white dresses. They are often seen as a part of Christmas and other religious holidays. Attend your annual Christmas play or parade in a plus size angel outfit that will have you floating on a cloud. Have you ever felt like you had an angel and a devil on your shoulders? Indulge in your naughty or nice side with a outfit that will have you looking like magic!

Have a blessed time at your next theme party with a sexy plus size angel costume for women.