The 1980s were a funky time full of pop music, punk styles, and neon accessories. You'll be living in a different decade with a little help from our plus size 80s costumes. Fads from the eighties were all about having fun. Some cool ideas you might want to add to a decade theme outfit include big hair bows, plastic jewelry, legwarmers, lace fingerless gloves a la Madonna, and large shoulder pads. These fads were in fashion, but you can also add some 80s trends to your party entertainment. Atari videogames, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, roller blading, sticker collections, Pop Rocks, and teenage 80s movies were all big hits at one point or another.

80's Punk Lady Plus Size Costume

80's Punk Lady Plus Size Costume

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Spunky ladies will love our 80s inspired punk styles. Lace and neon will have you feeling just like a "material girl". Accessories can really complete your look. Try accessorizing with legwarmers, leggings, colorful wigs, and neon jewelry to make your women's plus size costume stand out in a crowd.

Throw a gnarly decade party with our totally awesome plus size 80s costumes for men and women.