The 1970s were a groovy time for disco, music, and cutting a rug on the dance floor. Go back to a golden era with a little help from our plus size 70s costumes. Music played a huge part in seventies culture. In the wake of the hippie era, disco and rock music from artists like The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Donna Summer, and the Bee Gees helped form the culture of the decade.

Curvy 60s Mod Muse Women's Costume

Curvy 60s Mod Muse Women's Costume

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A plus size disco costume is a great way to dance the night away at your next Halloween. Disco suits feature bellbottom pants, vests, and bright geometric patterns. These cool 70s fashion rends are a sure fire way to make your outfit recognizable.

Women's 70s costumes don't have to model the classic disco vibe. Go go dancer outfits and mod girl designs are great Halloween options. For men, a rock star or boogie nights outfit is a fun way to celebrate a decade theme. Go for accessories like peace sign jewelry, go go boots, hoop earrings, afro wigs, and musical instruments to give your plus size 70s costume a little extra flair.

Men and women can get in touch with some peace, love, and rock and roll this Halloween with the right outfit. If you have a case of Saturday night Fever, the only cure is a groovy 70s disco costume.